The Naming of Pivot Point Gallery


What's In A Name?

What is in a name?  To me, there must be meaning. Personally, there was deep meaning in our original name, The ASLAN Gallery at Historic Emory Place. I loved the meaning ASLAN has and that it was also part of our corporate name.  I loved that it called out “at Historic Emory Place”. I loved learning the “history”, which added to the desire for this particular building even more.


But then there was a wrinkle. An unknown factor that brought pause. That caused a rethinking.  Many days of searching and I do mean days!!  And researching what felt like thousands of alternate names for this “baby”…the gallery. 


And then it happened. Something felt right. Something gave new meaning.  A different significance. Novel light.  It was a “Pivot” to change the name. Our “Point” on Emory Place is where the road “pivots” - not a full turn, but a shift. 

The efforts being made for Emory Place as a whole in bringing renewed energy to the area is to “pivot” from what has been a bit forgotten area of Knoxville.  Pivoting back to the original town center.

The driving purpose of the gallery is to be a “Pivot Point” for artists. 

Coming to Knoxville. Changing careers. Pivot after pivot since November of 2019. 


So what is in a name?  Well, this name has a deep and thought out meaning…and hope…and promise…and excitement for all that is to come.


Welcome to our gallery. Welcome to Pivot Point Gallery. 


-Faith Ferguson and Don Stoner






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