Patricia Kilburg


Seduced by the tactile appeal of various materials, I investigate and respond to the medium itself as a place to start, a “way in” to my process of creating.  Experimentation with paints,  fiber, pastels and charcoal keeps me returning to the studio with enthusiasm and curiosity.  Currently I am exploring the wealth of possibilities in the use of encaustic, a paint created from pigment and hot beeswax.  Regardless of which medium I am using, in my head, there is the unspoken question, “What would happen if…”
Greenville, South Carolina, our home since 1990, is rich with cultural offerings.  In this place there is a synergy between visual art, music, dance and theatre in combination with the natural beauty of mountain, wood and water.  Each day I experience an abundance of stimulation that generates ideas and compels me to paint.
Complex texture, simple forms and expressive marks shape the direction of my paintings.  They are multi-layered with “secret places” for the eye to go and the imagination to be triggered.  That which is on the surface and below the surface fascinate me, as well as the push and pull of color to create depth. My work carries a sense of mystery and ambiguity, where reality is momentarily suspended, evoking the viewer’s own feelings and experiences.