Stephen St. Claire

Dialuminism Oil Painter

“I grew up painting mostly landscapes and still life, but somewhere around 2001, I began experimenting with painting on metallic leaf, and a new painting genre was born. This technique is called Dialuminism (”light passing through”) and embeds metallic leaf and multiple thin layers of oil paint within a coating of solar resistant resin. Because I am painting on a metallic surface, light reflects off the metal and illuminates the paint layers from the back. This makes for very intense color. Light plays off some areas and casts shadows beneath others, creating a dimensional painting that changes in appearance depending upon where the viewer is standing in relation to the light source.  

I began using this technique painting mostly abstract pieces but over the years, as the technique has morphed, I began painting more "abstracted landscape" scenes which led eventually to the more realistic landscape scenes I work on today. 

Late Afternoon in the Woods (StClaire).jpg