Tebbe Davis


We have all been placed in this life to explore and discover our Purpose; our voice, a vision and meaning to life.  It's as if the purpose of life is to discover the purpose of life.  Its just that easy.  The path to the end, which is NOW! (so far) is one of endless folly and experiment.  To be "comfortable", complacent and stagnant, is a fail for me.  The exhilaration of the unknown and self reliance, and the resource of community and a greater love is where I begin my plight.  "if you are truly happy and you know that every moment in your life has added up to where you are right now; then you have made no mistakes". Now rejoice and continue.  

I look at the sky, the earth, beyond and within. I try to understand others and my own complexity by understanding the cosmos and by preparing myself for endlessly forthcoming discoveries.

Tebbe is primarily self taught but has studied with John Mac Kah, Julyan Davis, and James Ostlund.  He is a member of the Asheville Area Arts Council, Vice President & Board member of  Asheville's River Arts Districts,  Riverlink Asheville and is a former Buncombe County Commissioner for Entertainment Venues. His studio is in Asheville, North Carolina, an eclectic little city nestled in the southern Appalachian Mountains. where he resides with his wife Suzannah, two dogs Koko and Dude and of course Racket the Cat