Thyra Moore

Dimensional Abstract Painter

It wasn't always all about abstracts. There was a time that Ms. Moore was, at that crossroads in her life. She had a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) from the renowned Tyler School of Art in Pennsylvania. She had created and grown a successful advertising agency. She loved developing strategies and promotions that really made a difference to her clients. Eventually, in spite of the 

successes and awards, Thyra needed to be somewhere else.

As a result, she went back to her roots and began painting. A move to Maryland with its boats, birds and water served as a further inspiration. She abandoned the commercial world she had lived for so long, and dove head first into the liberating pool of creative expression.

Challenged by her new insights and artistic opportunities, Thyra explored a different medium from the watercolor and gouaches she had always worked. “With acrylics I have the freedom to experience each step and stage of my art,” she said. “I can react with little or no preplanned outcome, and take full advantage of the evolutionary process that’s hidden within each creative challenge.”  

Frankly, the true depth, dimensionality, and impact of Thyra Moore's work can only be best appreciated in person.